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Diane Ignoto

TESTIMONIAL I will share the following unsolicited email, that came in from Diane Ignoto. She is a secondary school teacher, and a prior BioEnergy Therapy graduate, in Ontario, Canada
Diane wrote:
I want to thank you for all the hours of work you have done to deliver the rich content for our course. I feel BLESSED to be part of this metaphysical training course. Richard, it has saved me in this time! I have transformed myself and am now on the path of assisting others to fly like butterflies and heal.

The results from this practitioner's training, can be pretty amazing, both personally and professionally. Most students are amazed by the revelatory content at times, and like Diane Ignoto, they most often recognize, the potent power, in using the shared metaphysical knowledge in every facet of life.
BioEnergy Therapy Code of Ethics


Using Epigenetics
The human condition is an amazing thing... It can cure itself, or, can simply decide one day the world is too painful to deal with and it won't co-operate no matter how hard you try to heal it! The new science of Epigenetics finally explains this wonderment. Reason: Health has Guiding Purpose (See: www.UsingEpigenetics.com) BioEnergy Therapy is the first healing model aligned with this new awareness that cells listen to our thoughts of life to implement health accordingly.

The healing journey you may choose to embark on today is a personal discovery of how and why human health works this way. It is a discovery based in many disciplines including science, philosophy, history, and spirituality. It is your personal journey into an allied healing method to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine as allied medical practices.

Premise of Study
BioEnergy Therapy Online
BioEnergy Therapy is more than just another energy healing treatment or physical intervention. This leading edge modality provides intellectual properties and an analytical process for discovering and resolving the stressful causes for disorder. More importantly, this is a methodical understanding that true health equals self-empowerment of overall success in life experience. Within this method there are vast intertwined bodies of knowledge and capabilities required for successful practice. BioEnergy Therapy includes a depth of understanding for Biology, BioSymBiology, KarmicDNA and the purposeful effects of individual life challenges. For you to fully comprehend and apply these intertwined ideologies this ordered flow of learning brings both theoretical and practical understanding to completion.
On Graduation
sample certificate
BET Practitioner Seal
This is a Career Course leading to Career Rewards! Upon successful completion of the course assignments and examinations, which includes (44 sessions or 100+ hours of continued education) you will receive the BioEnergy Therapy Practitioner Certification and license to practice BioEnergy Therapy. Graduation means certified to Practitioner Level Mastery of BioEnergy Therapy Theory and Practicum. This will include Spiritual Counsel in LifeCare Theory and Ethics, including working knowledge of BioSymBiology and ability to provide KarmicDNA Counsel. You will receive licensed use of the 'Certified BioEnergy Therapy Practitioner Seal' that you may display in your office, on signage and other marketing materials.

Accreditation & Practitioner Insurance
Graduation from the SolarisLight BioEnergy Therapy Practitioner course leads to an internationally recognized certification, with accreditation by the International Institute for
IICT Accredited
Complementary Therapists (IICT). International Accreditation with IICT demonstrates our joint commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism within the allied healing industry.
As a graduate of this course you will be eligible for ongoing renewable Professional Membership with access to many member benefits, including discounted practitioner insurance for your BioEnergy Therapy spiritual counsel and healing business. The International Institute for Complementary Therapists has arranged for low cost practitioner insurance to be available in 26 different countries.

Personal Achievement
Each Student Practitioner will be assessed based on:
Attendance ♦ Group presentation ♦ Written work ♦ Self-assessment ♦ Peer review ♦ Examination.
skill development
Successful completion will require attendance as well as grading on class interaction, material retention, work projects, and accumulated practical experience. The primary goal of the grading process is to ensure the quality of graduate practitioners and therefore a consistency in the application of BioEnergy Therapy. Each of you will become a responsible participant in a network of practitioners who will build the reputation for the entire modality and maintain its integrity. The overall presentation and reputation of BioEnergy Therapy will be a paramount concern for every graduate who truly chooses to be among the first team of therapists to meet the public across the globe.

Provided Materials for Your New Practice
Graduates earn the licenced use of KarmicDNA and all existing client processing and record forms and promotional materials. Reproduction Artwork masters for future printing needs of clients records, entrance forms, business cards, brochures, and testimonial pages will be provided with your own identification and address. For client referral, your practice will be included by country-city location, Telephone/eMail reference at the main BioEnergy Therapy website. A computer program is also provided at graduation to enable quick KarmicDNA Calculation.

Graduation GIFT to New Practitioners
Those Students to Graduate as licensed practitioners of BioEnergy Therapy will receive a "Turn-Key" Business Start-Up Package! This will enable you to start your BioEnergy Therapy Practice RIGHT-AWAY! Along with your own representation on the BioEnergyTherapy.com website this package includes printed client record and entrance forms, as well as business cards, brochures, promotion cards all with your own identification and address. Even a roll-up sign will be provided for making personal appearances at heath shows or speaking engagements.

Course Objectives
Our  Objectives
This practitioner's course is more than the simple mastery of a technique or a study of the history of healing. It is focused on the personal development in depth of understanding to enable creative problem solving and teach reason for blameless counsel to inspire people from illness into success in life. By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

1. Implement a multiplicity of tools (Bioenergy-BioSymbiology-KarmicDNA-Spiritual Concepts) to address life imbalance on all three levels of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

2. Articulate grounded theoretical knowledge depth (Bioenergy-Body Symbology-KarmicDNA-Spirituality), in 'creative' focus to efficiently address the first cause of any disorder.

3. Achieve grounded reasoned confidence in BioEnergy Therapy for not only self, but for ability to speak with clients and both like-minded and skeptical prospective clients.

4. Examine and articulate positional objectivity in every life challenge, inspiring an open-minded nonjudgmental approach to life, and people.

5. Achieve ability to suspend personal beliefs and prejudices while working, to ensure communication of clear objective counsel in metaphysical ideology that embraces all faiths and life experiences.

6. Nurture the ability to see, understand, and interpret symbolic meaning of pain and disorder as life imbalance utilizing fluid spiritual language health experience and implement resourceful application of wisdom to resolve imbalance of any disorder.

7. Nurture a resourceful ability to interpret beyond written basics, the applied complexities of KarmicDNA in a customized way for each individual, to empower clients with hidden knowledge of individual life assets.

8. Fully nurture the innate ability to apply bioenergy healing treatment in a powerful way to clear imbalanaces resolved in session.

9. Be enabled to operate an independent practice with a growing global elite association of facilitators devoted to transforming lives from disorder to success with nonphysical intervention of spiritual counsel with hidden metaphysical wisdom.

Course Structure:
The course work is delivered in three basic formats. Lecture, Participation and Practicum
The core concepts and basic tenants will be delivered via a lecture format. Student Practitioners will receive course material and will be expected to manage the information in terms of note taking for review purposes. Each lecture session will complete with a question and answer review of the material and participants are encouraged to maintain a 'question diary' to aid in learning.

A. IN CLASS — BioEnergy Therapy is primarily a spiritual counsel of life experience defined by Metaphysical Principles, BioSymbiology, KarmicDNA and objective philosophy customized to the client's experience and Life Agenda rather than the personal view of the counselor. The course is designed to provide each participant with depth of knowledge and consistent opportunities to develop/practice their knowledge and ability within their home environment.
B. IN CLASS — BioEnergy is a human birthright and access to this is only limited by self-limiting beliefs through lack of knowledge. Therefore, Bioenergy treatment ability is developed with presentation of both scientific and theroretical knowledge of the bioenergy system and treatment demonstration to be practiced in self study.
C. IN FIELD — By class 6 you will be giving minimum of two treatments per week. Before course completion, you will be required to maintain a home practice treatment schedule with application to family and friends, implementing and recording 3-5 treatments per week, in addition to class attendance.

Preparation — each Student Practitioner is expected to prepare self-practice for sessions. This may include reviewing and recording individual beliefs about a given topic e.g. conventional medicine or observations about certain disorder or researching current beliefs e.g. cancer care.
Presentation — each Student Practitioner is expected to present various aspects of BioEnergy Therapy and its components to their class colleagues or friends. The purpose of practice presentation is to facilitate the participants' ability to develop personal confidence in presenting the knowledge attained. Colleagues or friends will have the opportunity to provide support and constructive feedback to the presenter.

Learning Aids
Use a Study Journal
Each participant is encouraged to maintain a primary Journal throughout the course. The purpose of the Journal is to provide an opportunity for the Student Practitioner to record self-assessments, observations, questions and newfound insights. The Journal is an important aspect of your awakening journey and will aid you in understanding the highly personal nature of the work.

Course Content
44 BioEnergy Therapy and Treatment Workshops
Healing with Spiritual Sanction
BioEnergy Therapy is the primary study of how ALL Life Energies conspire to create a life of purpose and reason and subsequently how that purpose and reason inflicts challenges of life struggle and ill health. This is recognition that Health has purpose as communication to the bearer that something in life has gone awry. It means that illness has a spiritual sanction to be present, so to heal completely that spiritual sanction presence must be removed. BioEnergy Therapy is a purposeful intervention of Divine Healing placed upon transforming material life circumstances into congruency with Spiritual Ideals to gain the spiritual sanction to heal. BioEnergy Therapy is then more than an energy treatment intervention! Therefore, bioenergy treatment is used simply to achieve immune system acceleration of self-healing after the right to heal is achieved.

Healing with Purpose
Bioenergy treatment is a lesser component of practice and also the most time consuming technique to fully develop to capacity. When most people begin to run energy their capacity could be likened to the trickle of a garden hose when a fire hose is needed! The difficulty for some is disbelief in self or the seemingly mystical aspect. Our theoretical study of treatment is based in science to provide grounded knowledge-based believability to the student. Your energy system is like a muscle that must be maintained for peak performance so consistent practice also accelerates ability to apply treatment. When a practitioner is giving 500 to 1500 treatments a year peak performance is maintained.

Module 1 — Transforming to Metaphysician This is the overview of a new frontier in healthcare, introducing the components of this Epigenetics healing model. In three videos we familiarize you with extraordinary systems of BioSymBiology, KarmicDNA, BioEnergy, etc., as well as an extraordinary new way of considering human life based in knowable purpose. Becoming an Epigeneticist is not available anywhere else on the planet.
Module 2 — Harnessing Resources of Mind In three videos you will discover what science knows, and what it doesn't know about the energy of mind. This lays a foundation for your development of later abilities. Purpose of dreams are discussed. You will learn that the mind and brain have been medically proven as separate, and recognize three vibrational states of mind as a direct interface to your Spirit and the power it can wield, if you only knew.
Module 3 — Revealing Religion vs. Spirituality A fascinating journey through historic spiritual beliefs to find the shared foundations of religions and the compelling drive for human self-discovery of Spirit. Opening the mind to self-discovery of Spirit enables Interfaith Spiritual Counsel based in the common Theological Philosophy of Metaphysics. In six videos inspiring honour for all religions, we learn to utilize commonalities as foundation for spiritual counseling that comfortably serves clients of all faiths. Qigong exercises are introduced to become a regular independent daily exercise.
Discover Spirit Within

Module 4 — Unlocking Mysteries of the Laws of First Cause The metaphysical grasp of how the world operates came in spiritual revelations in the nature of reality, and the effects of unseen elements that control and guide human experience. In nine videos we explore the profound effects of 106 Universal Laws, and how to harmonize with them in daily life. Applying the laws consciously, we can gain some control over life outcomes that assures eventual positive outcome but transgressing laws brings suffering. With this positive guidance we enable client's with better ways through challenging life process.
Laws of First Cause
Module 5 — Discovering True Self, beyond who you Think You Are. Metaphysics and physics define bioenergy as the common denominator or the divine interface of multi-dimensional life, human process, health and success. In six videos we will discover the complex cellular intercom of thought through not 7, but 507 chakras or energy centers within the human experience and its integral purpose, meaning, and impact on life and health. Knowledge develops and powers your skill with Give-Receive-Allow of conscious control of free-flowing bioenergy.
healing energy
Module 6 — Claiming Bioenergy as a Birth Right A developing comprehension of bioenergy in each of the preceding modules comes to completion with how you will master handling energy. Human inability is only an illusion from lack of deep knowledge of gifts that are simply dormant assets in most people. In six videos you will learn grounded belief in the physical process of applying Intention in Chelation Energy Treatment, that will support you on your own healing journey. Includes scanning and measuring human energy in responsible assessment.
healing energy
Module 7 — Revealing Truth from the Search for Purpose In three videos we uncover ancient knowledge in the purpose of being human, and the journey of life through this Interactive Choreographed Spiritual Play that draws custom purposeful experience into individual lives. Examining concepts of evolving Soul Expression, Synchronicity, Destiny/Fate, Freewill, Faith, the Engine of Karma, KarmicDNA Conflict and Inspiration that perpetuate purposeful actions with body and mind in collective purpose of Spirit. These concepts enable our special method of blameless counsel. We will examine Dowsing Answers from Spirit.
Finding Life Purpose

Module 8 — How to Wield Resources of the Soul As a Soul that happens to have a physical human form, there are numerous assets available like Inspiration (in-spirit-ation) that secretly quarterback experiential life. If you have ever heard a survivor of tragic accident exclaim, "it was like someone else took the wheel" you had a glimpse at interdimensional influence. How much difference would it make to your life if in three videos you learned how to work with the potent power of your Soul.
Your Natural Soul Gifts
Module 9 — Discovering the Latent Power of Self Humans unconsciously wield the co-creative power of conscious energy to manifest life. Although, we misdirect potent power out of ignorance, to create the worst challenges of our lives. In three videos we learn to reverse this affect by examining fear/love-based perception to discover how to take manual control of life away from the unconscious autopilot.

Module 10 — Discovering Authority of Thought Revealing how conscious mind preprogramming and expectation obstruct the power of will. In three videos you learn how to confront and deconstruct unconscious programming with personal policies for proactive change to take Command of daily life. Also examining Ambient Energy that remains after strife and learn Clearing Energy Spaces.
Module 11 — How to use KarmicDNA Life Purpose Uncovering the ancient mechanical system of accurately knowing individual life purpose and its byproduct of stressful challenges, without relying upon intuitive guessing. In twelve videos you learn the working construct of KarmicDNA assets and challenges, and most importantly the effective answers to those challenges in practitioner level detail, for counseling clients towards a healthy path of ease in their life.

Module 12 — How Medical Models Mistake Cause The physical catalyst considered cause for disorder is a misdirection that impedes the ability to permanently overcome disorder. Finding the real nonphysical cause of disorder empowers permanent healing. In three videos we explore the difference between physical catalyst and metaphysical cause for disorder, to learn how to find and resolve the real cause for disorder to achieve the spiritual right to heal permanently.
Module 13 — Revealing the new science of BioSymBiology Six videos introduce a bridge between Medical Knowledge and Metaphysical Meaning of Health. BioSymBiology or Life-Symbolic-Life-Science is the most medically detailed holistic reference to discover which stress causes which specific kinds of symptoms. This system enables practitioners with both knowledge of biology and symbolic meaning to find and resolve nonphysical cause of disorder.

Module 14 — Working with Advanced BioSymBiology of Disorder The complexities of a major illness can be a confusing matrix of multiple symptoms. This reflects an equal complexity of associated potential life experiences as the cause for disorder. In three videos you will learn how to develop a complex understanding of BioSymBiology meanings, which means that you will never again be overwhelmed or lost in a client's challenges, not really knowing what to do.
PROJECT: Each student is given a different disorder to research the conventional knowledge available and then consider what symbolic meaning may be present and what hypothetical life experiences may have led to symptoms. Write an imagined client stress history from childhood to his/her present age that would likely manifest this disorder. Module 16 due for submission.
Module 15 — How to grow your KarmicDNA Empowerment Developing your awareness of KarmicDNA from basic asset understanding we examine the primary/secondary proportional combinations of how each code is affected by the presence of another code. In nine videos we examine each the 81 dual possible combinations to increase your ability to interpret and counsel clients with their own unique life motivations.
KarmicDNA Wisdom

Module 16 — Revealing the effects of Bioenergy in Love & Relations Interpersonal relations purposely facilitate all challenging life experiences. In six videos we examine the bioenergy flow of relations as a major component of symptom causing discord, stress and ultimately symptom. Through the lens of bioenergy, we discover hidden wisdom in concepts of relationship chemistry, equality, expectation, authenticity, infidelity, open honest communications, and a different spiritual purpose for partnership discord and marriage for use in client counsel.
Cycles of Life
Module 17 — What are KarmicDNA Brands of Love Each archetype has influences of attraction and action to consider from a more personal aspect in relations. We examine Natural, Compatible, and Challenged matches of all 81 combinations of archetypes interacting in their respective Brands of Love to foresee how they relate. We will also examine and KarmicDNA brands of Love with the effects of KarmicDNA Union-Signatures to enable the practitioner with purpose-based counsel in challenged relations.
Module 18 — What is KarmicDNA Life Process In six videos we will focus on the 45 possible triad combinations of the Life Agenda to enrich your comprehension of the life focus affects that occur when three KarmicDNA Assets are conjoined. You will learn how to recognize combined challenge effects that confront your client and are enabled to custom counsel them in the care and control of their lives. In firsthand experience Student Practitioners will examine the KarmicDNA assets of family and close acquaintances or celebrities they know.

Module 19 — Discovering that People are Perennial Revealing the metaphysical fact people's lives grow in annual cycles similar to agriculture seasons. This brings comprehension of why the things we attempt, may or may not workout, when acting in harmony with, or against the current of annual energies. In six videos you will learn cyclical insight to guide clients through the ebb and flow of life into the path ease away from stress.
Cycles of Life

Module 20 — How to be the Professional Practitioner Defining aspects and countenance of the healing practitioner role as an interfaith spiritual counselor. As a facilitator of human transformation, we bring divine theological understanding of game changing metaphysical knowledge. In three videos we will learn what it takes to be a professional LifeCare counselor, teaching universal spiritual ideals of living well in harmony with the divine choreographed play of life, rather than simply being a provider of treatment. This includes examining our code of ethics.
Module 21 — How to turn Client-Empowerment into Spiritual Healing We have laid the foundation of knowledge, for confidence in many categories that is now coming together in a completeness, of the Professional Epigeneticist counselor, utilizing Life Purpose as a foundation for Blameless Counsel. In three videos we examine the Tenets, Policies and Practices of our healing modality. Also examining the phenomenon of Dark Forces that live among us, and how to counsel clients to defend themselves from these challenges.
True Self-Empowerment

Module 22 — How to Conduct Client Sessions for Maximized Results. A guide to healing and office procedures used in working with the public. In three videos we will uncover the step-by-step process of BioEnergy Therapy spiritual counsel session. This will include examination of the legal procedure, purpose, and method of recording client data, and becoming familiar with our intake forms and client charts.
counsel session
Module 23 — Viewing an Actual Healing Series This is a series of twelve video recorded BET sessions of a client presenting ever increasing immobility with doctor diagnosis of onset of Myopathy. Includes a demonstration to observe the rapport building process, information gathering to apply the healing equation, triangulating symptom, purpose, and stress history to consider the reason that disorder has visited this life. From first session to last of twelve sessions we observe the pursuit and resolve of cause for disorder using BioSymBiology and KarmicDNA, which completed in the clients return to mobility.
PROJECT: Since Module 11 when you began practicing the use of KarmicDNA you will have found willing peers with health challenge to be your first client. You will now begin applying all you have learned in actual session work. You will commence and document at least one healing series (with interim research and considerations done between sessions) including your conclusions about the clients KarmicDNA Purpose and BioSymBiology and Stress History possibilities of cause and potential approaches to resolve the life issues causing disorder in counsel. Your report will be marked as part of the final practitioner's examination.

Module 24 — Opening Your Business of Healing Coming to graduation we take your next steps of setting up your practice together. In six videos this module considers healing studio requirements, health legislation, business policies, procedures, and how to market your practice to promote the development of clientele. We welcome you into this elite collaborative team to maintain consistent practice and reputation for all BioEnergy Therapy practitioners and provide you an established presentation in the turnkey opening of your practice soon after graduation.

Building Business
The First Epigenetics Modality
Today's dedicated practitioners will become
tomorrow's leaders of BioEnergy Therapy!
This practitioner training was originally a live presentation in 2003 at the Sylvan Learning Centre in Brampton, Ontario. With due consideration for the depth of material, and restrictive logistics of teaching live, it has been redeveloped in an online Video presentation with weekily Question & Answer, to enable growing a global network of Epigenetic LifeCare Practitioners. It may be studied anywhere internet streaming can be received. Registration is currently underway.
Complete Training Package
ALL inclusive Career Course with Graduation Gift
Turnkey Business Start-Up Package INCLUDES:
♦ 44 Sessions of Online Training
      ♦ (Over 125 hours of metaphysical education)
      ♦ 1 year Weekly Live Q & A Personal Mentoring
♦ BET Healing Session Skills:
      ♦ Client Introduction/Preparation
      ♦ Access to Life & Health Purpose Systems
      ♦ Blameless Spiritual Counsel
      ♦ Self-Centering Process
      ♦ Setting Intention & Treatment Process
      ♦ Water Treatment Process
      ♦ Ambient Energy Clearing Spaces Process
♦ Certification Licensed to Practice under Trademark
♦ IICT Global Accreditation eligible for Practice Insurance
♦ Practitioner Inclusion in BioEnergyTherapy.com Marketing
♦ Qigong Exercises Chart for Raising Energy
♦ Guided Audio Meditation for Raising Energy
♦ KarmicDNA Quick Reference Chart
♦ KarmicDNA Detailed Reference Chart (2 sided)
♦ KarmicDNA Cycles Quick Reference Chart
♦ KarmicDNA Character Reference Chart
♦ Range of Show Pricing Table Signs
♦ Gift Certificate Promotion Table Sign
♦ Show Personalized KDNA Assets Chart (laminated)
♦ Show Comparison of Healing Models (laminated)
♦ Show Atom Table Display (laminated)
♦ Power Point Show Presentation
♦ Artwork for Local Print Production:
      ♦ Business Cards, 5"x7" Promo Card,
      ♦ Brochure, Gift Certificate
      ♦ Client Entrance Forms Series of 4
      ♦ Client Progress Chart Form
      ♦ KDNA Assets Form (blank)
      ♦ 5"X 7" Show Sign-In sheet
      ♦ Invoice Forms
Graduation Marketing Start-Up Gift Package:
      ♥ 1000 Business Cards
      ♥ 1000 Brochures
      ♥ 1000 5"x7" Promo Cards
      ♥ 100 Gift Certificates
      ♥ 100 Client Entrance Forms (Series of 4)
      ♥ 100 Client Progress Chart Forms
      ♥ 100 KDNA Assets Forms (blank)
      ♥ 100 5"X 7" Show Sign-In sheets
      ♥ 1 Acrylic Business card holder
      ♥ 2 Acrylic single brochure holder
      ♥ 3 Acrylic Page Holders
      ♥ 1 5"x7" Acrylic Sign-up Clipboard
      ♥ One Roll-up Show Sign
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